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North Shore Outlook newspaper features article
Canvas prints now available!
My art is included in and exclusive, national greeting card line
MyName is Included in Three "Yellow Pages" Ads

"North Shore Outlook" newspaper features article about Max

An article in the April 7, 2011 "North Shore Outllook" newspaper features an article about me.

 Canvas prints now available!
My canvas prints are now available for all of his images!  The prints are stretched over wooden stretcher bars, with black sides.  They come ready to hang.

The canvas prints can also be ordered unstretched, for easy shipping.

The advantages of canvas prints over paper prints is that they look like paintings, and that they don't need to be framed under glass to be protected against ultraviolet light damage and scuffing. The lack of glass reduces reflections.

Also, they come unframed, giving the modern look that many people find so appealing. And the lack of a frame reduces the overall cost to the print buyer. However, people who prefer the more traditional look of a frame have the option of adding a frame if they wish to spend the extra money.

The reason that only the Paypal buy buttons for the unstretched canvas prints – and not the Paypal buy buttons for the stretched canvas prints – are displayed on the Web site is because the unstretched canvas prints are lighter and less bulky, so they are easier to ship and less expensive to ship than the stretched canvas prints. The selling of unstretched canvas prints is therefore straightforward.

The stretched canvas prints – on the other hand – weigh a few pounds each, and therefore they cost more to ship. And because many of my customers are in Metro Vancouver, some customers prefer to pick up the prints from my studio to avoid shipping cost.

Note: canvas prints are also known as canvas giclees (pronounced
"she glaze"). Giclees are the finest form of art prints available on the art market.

All Tony Max prints are archival art prints. (See the giclee quality assurance page.)


Feature article in "Vancouver View" magazine

A feature article about me and my art has been published in the May/June, 2009 issue of Vancouver View magazine, on page 16. The article has been reprinted here on the Internet.


One of the magazine's editors approached me to ask to do the feature.


 I joined an exclusive, national art card line

Three of my images have been included in the new Pierre Belvedere Canadian Artists Canadian greeting card collection.

The Canadian Artists Collection is "an exclusive collection of 88 works of magnificent imagery representing the diversity of Canadian landscapes from our talented Canadian artists," says the Pierre Belvedere Web site.

Pierre Belvedere is a Canadian leader in the distribution of fine stationery products, educational games and toys as well as festive ornaments and accessories. It distributes quality brands in carefully selected, classic or trendy collections, ideal to express feelings and enhance lives.

Pierre Belvedere products are sold to independent retailers, bookstores and specialized chain stores in Canada.  It is also operates a chain of stores under the Essence du Papier banner in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Since 2005, subsidiary Semikolon GmbH, is Pierre Belvedere's main distribution network in Europe.  

A portion of the sale of each of the cards is being donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

See one of my cards on the Pierre Belvedere site here.


Max's Name is Included in Three 'Yellow Pages' Ads

Mys name has been included in three more art galleries' advertisements in major, metropolitan phone books.

Max's name is mentioned in the annual, full-color display ad for Park and Tilford Framing and Art, in the Art Galleries section of the 2007-2008 Greater Vancouver Can Pages phone book, which is similar to the Yellow Pages business phone directory.

One of the display ads in the Can Pages phone book featuring my name.

The ad features the names of 11 of the most prominent artists that the gallery features. Other artists listed include Carl Brenders, Bev Doolittle, Trisha Romance and Robert Bateman - some of the globe's preeminent artists.

I am one of only five living, practicing Canadian and British Columbian artists whose names are featured in the ad, one of only two artists from Greater Vancouver listed, and the only artist representing Vancouver's North Shore and North Vancouver.

My name is also listed in the Park and Tilford Framing and Art display ad in the 2008-2009 Yellow Pages book in the Art Galleries section.

My name is listed – and one of his images was used in full color – by Osterson's Framing and Art, in its display ad in the same directory, in the Picture Framing section.

As the ads feature the names of the galleries' most prominent artists, inclusion in this elite coterie of artists attests tomy expanding stature as one of Canada's distinguished visual artists.

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