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Southwest U. S. art available through Tony Max's studio
Tony Max – Southwest Artist
"Southwest Art 1 – Simple Panorama" - Southwest U. S. paintings by artist Tony Max

"Southwest Art 1 – Simple Panorma"
Museum-quality, archival, original, limited edition, signed and numbered,
mixed media inkjet canvas Arizona art and Utah art by artist Tony Max.

(Hunt's Meas, United States.)

 INKJET CANVAS PRINTS Unstretched   Stretched  Edition Sizes 
 Small  10 by 40 inches $348  Inquire.  300 giclees 
 Medium  13.25 by 53 inches Inquire.  300 giclees 
 Large  15.75 by 63.25 inches 300 giclees 
 Extra Large  18 by 72 inches 300 giclees 
 Extra, Extra Large  21 by 84 inches 300 giclees 
To buy prints through my studio, see the Contact and Purchasing page and call me at (604) 985-4262.  The stretched prints aInquire. re ready to hang.  The turnaround time is about one to six weeks (unless I have the print in stock, in which case the turnaround time could be less than one week).  To determine the optimum dimensions of art for you wall, I recommend taping four sticky notes, or pieces of masking tape, to your wall, in the shape of a rectangle.  The prices are for 2021 and are subject to change.