Tony Max
Tony Max Artist

"Probably Canada's best artist.  His work blows me away!  It's fabulous!"
– Debra Blades, president of Masterpiece To Go Ventures Inc., Abbotsford, British Columbia

"The best artist on the west coast."
– Patricia Keith, manager, Art Bliss Gallery, North Vancouver

"A global success and a Canadian favorite."
– Alana Stroud, Vancouver View magazine

"One of Canada's finest artists."
– Ethel Chung, co-owner, Park and Tiflord Framing and Art, North Vancouver

"Today I had the privilege and honour of meeting with Tony Max, a Vancouver artist I have long admired, and one of the great Pacific Northwest artists of our time.  I absolutely love his use of colour and light.  His work has always been inspirational to me.  Thanks to Tony for having me over for a visit!  I feel very inspired."
– Sarah Scriver, Vice-President, Scriver Development, Inc., Vancouver

"A creative genius."
– Sandy Parkinson, North Vancouver

"I could look at all of your pictures forever.  They're an improvement over the Group of Seven."
– Rebeccah Haynes, North Vancouver, British Columbia

"One of the best."
– Brinda Blanchette, co-owner, Smart Frames and Accents, Burnaby, British Columbia

I was recently looking for a piece of local art and found Tony Max’s Web site. 

There was such a huge selection, it took ages to choose my real favourites and in the end I couldn’t decide and had to buy two!

Tony responded immediately to my messagess.

When I received my prints, I was overjoyed!

Each print came with hanging hardware and a certificate of authenticity, and the  Web site does NOT do them justice; they are sooooo much better in person!

Also, when you hear Tony’s story, his talent is even more impressive!

The prices were really reasonable and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my two pictures!  They look fabulous in my home.

For overall service, value for money and product quality, I’d give Tony a ten out of ten! 

I absoluttely recommend purchasing from him.  I'm loving the art work!  You won’t be disappointed!”
– Victoria Brysn, North Vancouver

"Seeing your gallery on a bright, sunny day, I felt like I was walking in a sunlit forest or by the ocean because of the beautiful light in the room and in your art!"
– Maya Ortynski, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

"Your art is a window to my memories."
Michael Freitag, Buchholz, Germany

"My top-selling artist and the best artist whose work I carry – by far.  I represent about 50 artists – including the major, international wildlife artists."
– Elliott Maclean, owner of Bilton's Art Center, North Vancouver

"It's like a beautiful art candy store."
– Lisa Holden, Vancouver

I've been looking for the perfect painting of Siwash Rock for my massage therapy studio for a really long time. I was so pleased when I found Tony's web site. 

He's got so many beautiful paintings of our incredible city on display there.  He has a keen and talented eye and hand.  His paintings really capture the essence of Vancouver.

I stopped by to pick up the print of the painting in person and was happy with the whole experience. There are so many incredible paintings on display in his studio.

And the print is really high quality and adds to the ambience of my space, not to mention being a great conversation piece.
– Natascha Vogel, R. M. T., Vancouver

"Obviously a great artist....The best of any artists' art depticting Vancouver."
– John Rocha, former president of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer club

"Seeing his paintings has a feeling that the paintings have come to life, being there, and can't help but fantasize"
– Tang Wong, New York

"Seeing your gallery, I feel like I've gone to heaven!  It's so uplifting!"
– Susan Sanders, Vancouver

"One of the finest artists in Canada! 

Ten times better than Andy Warhol! 

It makes me happy to be alive!  It just brings out the joy of living!  It just shouts at you!   It captivates!   

If I won the lottery I'd buy all of your prints and you could retire!"
– Patricia Streloff, Port Moody, British Columbia

"Big fan of your work.  In the vast world of art, I find that only a small amount of work is outstanding and memorable.  So – as with music or any of the other arts – a unique contribution stands out. 
– James Ferguson, Vancouver

"Your work is absolutely stunning and I would be honoured to be the president of the Tony Max fan club!!"
– Jayme Armstrong, Toronto

"My husband and I went into a gallery in [_________] mall and all the stuff in there was godawful.  Then we turned around and your art print was there like a little jewel!  It was the only good piece in the gallery!

So many artists these days toot their own horns but their art is mediocre.  You – on the other hand – are so good at what you do, yet you remain modest.

You have a different take on things.  Your art is timeless!"
– Ellen Turner, real estate agent, Vancouver

"We love your mastery of light and shadow….the best around these parts in our opinion.  You are a legend."
– Leo and Vikki Harvey, Delta, British Columbia

"Wow!  Amazing!  Your art is astounding!   A pleasure meeting you today.  I am really looking forward to hanging these amazing pieces.  Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place."
– Mark Hadon, Vancouver

"It's so unique.  Nobody else on Earth paints pictures like that!"
– Justin Blaylock, Vancouver

"It really is beyond amazing what you’ve accomplished with your art - the colours, the light play are just beautiful!”
– Elizabeth Hall, Ottawa, Ontario

"The king of light and colour." 
– Peter Wallace, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

"Tony Max is absolutely our favourite artist.  I own several of Tony's original works, which we proudly display in our home and some of his artist proofs in our office.  I can’t even put a value on the paintings.  It’s by far the best cityscape work by any artist in Vancouver of our beautiful city.  Nothing in our home gets noticed more than his paintings."
– Mike Averbach, president of Averbach Mortgages, Vancouver

Hi, Tony.  Thanks!  I can't wait to get these to the framers.  I think your artwork is amazing and I'm so excited to be getting another two pieces!  Kindest regards.
– Jennifer Barker, Ohaupo, New Zealand

"This is just magic!...You hava a very established style....  Extrordinary!  It makes me realize why I live here!"
– Sarah Karst, Vancouver

"A master."
– Lynda Hickinbottom-Lord, Lilloet, British Columbia

"I just stumbled across your Web site and can't tell you how happy I am that this happened.   Your art print stopped me dead in my tracks! 

I know this print is what I would like to have forever. 

I'd rather give up a new piece of furniture so that your artwork can take my mind away, when I get home from work."
– Iris Behren, Nanaimo, British Columbia

"Very unique and striking....catches the eye."
– Dr. Jonn Matsen, naturopath, professor and best-selling author, North Vancouver

"If I had room in my home, I'd have your art covering all my walls. 

"Thank you for sharing your unique, magical talent with the world, and lighting up the beauty of the west coast."
– Dawn Carbol, Vancouver

"Absolutely breathtaking!"
– Christa Clement, Toronto

"Absolutely stunning!  It brings back a lot of memories.  I love the light and the colours in your paintings.  I also quite like your perspective;  it's different from what other artists do.  Your quality of painting ia very, very high."
– Renée Lanctot, West Vancouver

– Erik Smith, Vancouver

"Beautiful work.  So much better than all the A. I. nonsense out there."
– Brendan Hanley, Chicago, Illinois

"My hunch is that the same sensitive, vulnerable, real soul that you are is what allows you to truly feel and capture the essence of the beautiful art you create in such a magnificent way."
– Matt MacEachern, Vancouver

"I am really impressed with your art.  I grew up in Squamish and now live in Ottawa. I am constantly yearning to have the mountains around me, and seeing your art brings up all sorts of emotions....Thanks, Tony.   Beautiful print.  Can’t wait to see it mounted. [Squamish River in Fall].  Takes me back to my childhood."
– Daniel MacDonald
Senior Instrumentation Technologist
Flight Research Laboratory
National Research Council Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

"Amazingly beautiful art!!!  I’m speechless...."
– Diana Cooper, Vancouver

I’m not much into art, but last week, I was at my doctor’s (943 West Broadway in Vancouver) and I saw your paintings in the lobby.  They are breathtaking!  I’ve never seen anything so magnificent!  They literally took my breath away. 

Your work supersedes anything else.  It has an exciting, contemporary feel to it.  It's a total adrenaline rush – and you just can’t take your eyes off it. 

Heck, I missed the elevator going up from the lobby, I was so pleasantly distracted by your paintings!

I can’t wait to email your link to my friends and co-workers.

Your work has had a big impact on me."
– Shani Soode, Richmond, British Columbia

"I practically walked off of the sidewalk staring at the awesome art by Tony Max in an art gallery window today." (Published on the Twitter Web site.)
Saltatio Dell, Vancouver

"Your lovely work that we purchased last night looks absolutely fantastic on our wall!  This is very exciting!   Nice to meet you and thanks."
Susan Hall, Vancouver

"The colours are astonishinly beautiful."
Claire Shuai, Vancouver

"For many years I have loved your art.   It took me back to some of my best memories – a favorite vacation with my brother to the amazingly beautiful forests of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.  Thank you. "
"Christopher Davis, Frederick, Maryland

"I saw the original several years ago.  Loved it then and love it now, so to have the original is fantastic.  I simply love your paintings.  Thanks so much for getting back in touch with me. You’ve made my day."
– Gerry Barnes, Williams Lake, British Columbia

"You make my day – and you have been for every day for years – because every morning when I'm eating breakfast I see your art in my dining room.  Thank you."
– Scott Ford, West Vancouver

"Very talented."
– Tyler Olson, Tyler Olson Art Auctions, Vancouver

"Fantastic pieces.  We love your technique."
– Paul Keenan, Coast Underwriters, Vancouver

"Beautiful!  Fantastic!  I love it!  I'm excited about getting this art!  Thank you!"
– Ashley Hargreaves, North Vancouver

"My mom gave me one of your prints and it's my favorite piece of art.  Your artistry is a gift.  It's like having Celine Dion's voice.  I envy you."
– Alice Edmonds, Port Moody, British Columbia


The first time I saw a Tony Max painting I was blown away. It stopped me in my tracks and I had to see more.

Every piece is a joy – ridiculously beautiful!

His work connects you to a time and place, an emotion – a sense of wonder.

He is the featured artist at Vital Health Kitsilano because his work perfectly captures the feeling of lightness and possibility that we wanted to convey.  His images grace my walls at home, too.

Upon meeting him, I was even more impressed; talented and so very humble.

I'm excited to see what he will produce next as I know it will be a visual treat.
– Heidi Henderson, CEO, Vital Health Medical, Vancouver

"I just discovered your art and I am already quite a fan. You capture the light of the west coast in an incredible manner."
– Annie Prud'homme-Genereux, Edmonton, Alberta

"We love, love, love this piece!  We love everything you do!  I'm very excited!  I can't wait to hang the print!"
 – Robin and Justin Walters, West Vancouver

"We are thrilled with your painting!  So happy to have met my favourite artist!" 
– Gail Higgins, West Vancover

"Oh, my God!  Looking at the actual art in your studio, I feel like a kid in a candy store!  It's so amazing, it brings a tear to my eye!" 
– Jane Treasure, Vancover

"Your art has a signature look.  There's no one else that does this technique.  it's the colour and light." 
– Janet Scagel, Janet Scagel Design, Vancover

I have one of your paintings of the seawall in Stanley Park. I feel happy whenever I look at it.   I subsequently decided to buy "Quay Perspective", as I used to work around Lonsdale Quay and have enjoyed admiring the view from the North Shore towards downtown on many occasions.  Your image really evokes a very warm sense of nostalgia for this wonderful view on a clear, sunny day. 
– Clare Conkin, Vancouver

"This is good for the spirit and soul – to be surrounded by all this art in your studio – with all its color."
– Candice Hunter, West Vancouver, British Columbia

Just loved your painting the second I walked into the office, and I'm not even an ‘art’ person!!
– Chris Ashby, Vancouver

"I love it! (Arbutus Leaves Close-up).  Will enjoy many years of looking at it, and so will others!"
Nancy Hamilton, Customer Care Specialist
North South Travel, Vancouver

"A colleague and friend has one of your prints in his home.

"My partner and I were so compelled by it we just stopped and stared at it, absorbed by it, for some time. 

"I then spent some time on your Web site before settling on ordering a 'Spanish Banks – Lolling' print!

"Your work speaks so directly to our memory of the place and is so evocative of the visceral experience of it.
Tamara Myers, Professor, History Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

"Since I am living abroad, I really wanted some art in my apartment that reminded me of home.   I also wanted something unique and artistic.  

After much searching online, I came across some of your work.   I really like the style and your choice of subject and locations.  Thanks again for your prompt replies and helpfulness in choosing a print."
– Kelly McAllister, Amsterdam

"During my online search for art, I felt that I would know it when I saw it – and at long last – there was your beautiful art.  It's everything I had hoped for.  I 'm beyond excited to be getting this print!"
– Paulette Gurski, lawyer, Port Moody, British Columbia

"We looked high and low to find a piece of art we liked, and yours fit the bill.  Your paintings make me want to cry, because they show the beauty of God's creation.  I think you're making a good legacy."
– Suzanne Therrien, Vancouver

"I'm a huge fan of your work.  I just love the colours.  Everybody who comes into the gallery absolutely loves it.  You really capture Vancouver.  Soulful!"
– Margaret Carter, gallerist, White Ocean Gallery, Vancouver

"As a lifelong resident of B.C. I have always been immersed in the beauty of our province. Tony's work captures that beauty and evokes the same emotions as if I were standing right there.   I think it's incredible!

We have four pieces of Tony's work in our house and I have one in my office.   They bring calmness and beauty to my days when I can't get out to enjoy the seawall or Stanley Park myself.  They're my favourite art in my house!"
– Karen Humphreys, New Westminster, British Columbia

"You are unlocking a whole new world for me."
– Charles Botsio, Sotheby's real estate agent, Vancouver

"I'm very particular about the art I like.  Your art is amazing!  I can hardly think of a better watercolour artist!"
– Nicole Roark, Cheney, Washington state

"My favourite artist!  I love his Vancouver paintings!"
– Harjit Rubai, Vancouver

"I don't know how many people in the world can do what you do, but I don't think it's many.  I think you should be more famous than you are.   All of your work is so fabulous!  You feel like you're really there and there's so much energy in your pictures."
– Alan Jones, Alan Jones Productions, Vancouver

"Everybody loves the art.  Before – when we exhibited other artists' art – they didn't like it.  Our residents live for his art."
– Tammy Morison, executive director, Flleetwood Villa Retirement Residence, Langley, Britisih Columbia

"Your art is unique.  There's nothing quite like it."
– Nicolas Gordon, North Vancouver

"Breathtaking!  I've been looking around for a long time and I hadn't found anyting I like until I saw your art."
– Annie Marquise, Coquitlam, Britisih Columbia

"Your pictures are beautiful and unique.  Seeing them online doesn't do them justice.  They look so much better in reality than seeing them online.  I'm so glad I went to see them in person at your studio."
– Lena Lee, San Francisco, California

"We've been looking for three years for art that would catch our eyes.  We gasped when we saw your art!  And your art fits the mood of our home."
Janet and Scott Bremmer, Coquitlam, British Columbia

"I was introduced to your art work by a friend here where I work, and am completely enchanted by it!  You have a glorious eye for color and an obvious love of our beautiful city."
– Karen D. Davis, Vancouver

"Hi, Tony.  We bought two paintings at your studio last year and love them more each day."
– Ken Hunt, West Vancouver

"I feel the warmth of the sun on my face when I look at your sunrise and sunset art.  Your art is a gift and a pleasure."
– David Katz, North Vancouver

I've never seen an artist paint light the way you do."
– Jay Reyburn, former owner of Lone Cypress Art and Frame, Port Moody, British Columbia

"I swear I have never seen anyone capture the suns rays
reflecting off the water the way you do."
– Anita Orendi, Vancouver

"I absolutely love how you captured the sun twinkling on the water."
– Patsy Jones, Vancouver

"I've looked at a number of artists' work of Vancouver, but your work is what I prefer.  And you've got one of the best Web sites."
– Gerold Cummings, Surrey, British Columbia

"I just have to say how much I love your work!  I cannot believe that you have so much talent.  Your pictures are breathtaking.   I know you won't think I'm mad, but I actually got quite emotional when I first opened up your Web site and saw those wonderful pictures.  You are an amazing man!"
– Holly Roy, North Vancouver

"When it comes to Vancouver images, Tony Max is 'it'".
– Jacob Smith, Creekhouse Gallery, Vancouver

"I've been to the studios of many artists and I only liked some of their art, but with yours, I like all of it!"
– Vivien Wong, Burnaby, British Columbia

"I am a fan of your paintings....Thank you for the fabulous work!...Can't wait to have the work on my wall!"
– Julia Middleton, Vancouver

"These are wonder works".
– Joann Bonar, Project Engineer, B.C. Hydro, Burnaby, British Columbia

"The art scene here in British Columbia is abundant and sticking out from everyone is not the easiest of tasks.  Whenever I looked for something to hang on my wall I kept seeing Tony’s work everywhere online.  What I really liked about his art was his choice of locations throughout our beautiful province."
– Ryan Clark,

"Definitely a world-class artist.  I really get a good reaction from my customers to all of his work."
– Denise Rubé, Manager, Smart Frames and Accents, Burnaby British Columbia

"Hello, Tony.  The canvas arrived today and we are delighted to tell you that it was put up in record time.  It looks great and we are very pleased with it.  Our children are especially happy with it – and they are usually the toughest critics. Thank you for your careful packaging and receipt.  All is good.  Continued success."
– Michael Foster, London, Ontario

"Tony...thanks again. This art looks amazing in my office and I'm really, really happy."
– Russ Mortenson, President, Pacific Artists' Management, Vancouver

"I think you're one of the best Canadian artists. Your work reminds me of the Group of Seven. I like your work better than Tom Thomson's."
– Heather Evans, Vancouver

"My husband and I spent a week in British Columbia.   Part of our trip was from Horseshoe Bay to the outer islands, including Keats Island off Howe Sound.  We now have the pleasure of owning three memories of our experience.  Your art truly captures the beauty of the British Columbia coast.  It's just stunning, and your Web site is excellent!"
– Sandra Church, Mississauga, Ontario

"Your work is absolutely stunning."
– Lauren Epstein, Davies, Ward, Phillips and Vineberg law firm, Toronto

"I recently purchased a stretched canvas art print from Tony.  The dynamic quality, energy and colour of his prints and paintings really speak to all your senses.  He captures the spirit and the essence of these vistas in a way that puts you right there in them.  I look forward to collecting more of Tony’s art in the future."
– Brooke Hannah, Product Image Manager, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Vancouver

"I'm mesmerized by your ability to capture the feeling of Vncouver's most beautiful places."y
– Matt MacEachern, Vancouver

"You're my favorite artist."
– Patricia Hingston, Burnaby, British Columbia

"We just bought one of your prints and I love it.  I also just finished an enjoyable look through the Web site.  I love a number of the images and really connect with the colours.

"I also appreciate the affordable prices as it is always hard to part with money when we have two kids and a house to give our pay to.  We will be back for more!"
– Kevin Harrison, Vancouver

Your art work is beautiful.  You are so talented.  Your pictures put me in such a peaceful state that I would love the feeling of them being so massive.  I want to buy these prints. I’ve been thinking of your work on and off for several years and I can always recognize it.  I've never seen anything like it.  I love it!"
– Courtney Young, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

"I'm a big Tony Max fan.  I love all of your art.  It's unique and it's so 'B. C'. 
I also like what you do with the light. 

And it looks much better in person than on the Web site.  When I look at the "Kitsilano Beach" image I can feel the sand between my toes – that's how realistic it is.

If I saw one of your pictures somewhere I would recognize it immediately."
– Jack Bowman, North Vancouver

"Joyous art."
– Karen Fraser, Vancouver

"I thought, 'As soon as I have some wall space, I'm getting a Tony Max'.   I love all your work.  I'm obsessed!"
– Vida Sieben, North Vancouver

“After searching for the perfect painting of a Vancouver landscape, I was thrilled to discover your Web site, displaying such a variety of art that captures the beauty of our British Columbia scenery.   Your print will be the focal point in our home, that will bring happiness and good memories of growing up in Vancouver.  Your talent has enhanced the beauty of our beloved city....

We just hung our print, and absolutely love it!   The colours and the lighting are amazing!  It is really a wonderful focus in our home now, so thank you for making this happen. I look forward to choosing a second print to add to our home in the future."
– Lynne and Ed Cook, Penticton, British Columbia

"I love the lighting.  It's fantastic!"
– Bruce Hodge, West Vanouver

"The way you use light just pops!"
– Bonita Randal, lVanouver

"My heart's pounding because I like them all and I can't decide which one to get! 

My friends who have seen your art all love it! 

My interior designer saw your print in my home and she knew right away who the artist is without even seeing your name on the print!"
– Janet Croxfor, Vanouver

"Hi, Tony.  I just want to let you know I have this print ['Walker's Hook Lookout'] hanging in my office and love it!  Everyone who walks in comments on it.  Thanks!"
– Jennifer Ross, Auburn, Washington state

We received the print yesterday and are thrilled!  It will be a beautiful and prominent addition to our home.  You are a very talented artist.  Thank you so much for your speedy delivery of the print.  
– Patricia and Warren Bonnar
Mississauga, Ontario

"A talented artist."
– Emily Petersen, curator,

"A great talent."
– Rebecca Smith, Exhibits Manager for Vancouver Fashion Week

"I've been looking for two and-a-half years for art and I can't just put any art on the wall.  This is it!  Unbelievable!  Unreal!  This is exactly the art I want behind my couch!  I can't even see all of your art in one sitting! 
– Jo-Anne Hamil, Saltair, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

I got the print last night and it looks great!   Thank you. Cheers.
– Mark Johnson, Chilliwack, British Columbia

"People are looking for the Vancouver waterclours and Max's are definitely their first choice."
Joanna Spencer, Spencer Gallery, Tsawwassen, British Columbia

"You are so gifted.  I really feel that you capture the beauty and the energy of being in Vancouver with your work, which is unlike anyone else's.  I love it!  Carry on with what you do….You are great!   Your work will live on forever, and is so fabulous!!"
– Cory O'Brien, Royal Le Page realtor, Port Moody, British Columbia

"I have been searching for British Columbia art prints online for quite a while this afternnon and just wasn't able to find anything much – until seeing your work online.   I really love your work!...

"We need 25 prints in a small format....

"Thank you!  They look awesome and we are so pleased with your work!"
– Karen Noon, Valmark Securities, Raleigh, North Carolina

"Just wanted to report my wife’s birthday giftt is a huge success!!!  The “Arbutus and Pacific” extra large is at home over our fireplace and looks grand.

I love your art.  It's second to none!"
– Ian Hogg, New Westminster

"We have a couple of your giclees in our office at Vision Critical in Vancouver.  We just love your style and the local nature of your paintings.
– Kirstin and Brad Hallett, Vision Critical (market research company), Vancouver

Just to let you know the poster [sic] arrived today!  I am so very pleased with it.  It looks great.  Thanks again for your help."
– Jan Gordon, London, England

"Fabulous art.  Warm words of praise of your art that decorates Fleetwood Villa [retirement residence in Langley, British Colmbia] have reached all the way to the top administrators of Revera." [Revera is a seniors' retirement home company, with a total of over 30,000 residents in various  Revera seniors' retirement lodges.]
– David Jones, owner of It's Worth Framing, a fine art supplier for retirement homes in Calgary, Alberta

"Fabulous work!  It's brilliant!  Absolutely stunning!"
– Jerry Brown, president of Artistic Bliss art gallery chain, Vancouver

"The art evokes joy, optimism and delight through its delicacy, refinement and beauty. It reflects the soul of the artist."
– Nancy Mancini, North Vancouver

"I spent hours on the internet trying to find something that best represented my experience to Vancouver.   When I found your Web site your art was exactly what I felt on my trip.   I love all your artwork."

– Debra Bruce, Lafayette, Indiana

"Spectacular!   Usually, with artists' Web sites, you don't know what you're going to get, because the the images don't match the look of the art.  But the art on your Web site is an accurate representation. 
Alex and Jennifer Eged, Vancouver

"Beautiful and amazing paintings!"
– Norine Braun, musician, Vancouver

"Your trees print of Quadra Island left me breathless. The quality is amazing.   There are so many of your pieces that would work for us.  We are excited to be purchasing your art."
– Donna Taylor, Vancouver

"Your art catches the eye.  You're so talented."
– Linda and Brad Mackenzie, Vancouver

"Just wanted to say that I love the painting.  It is absolutely beautiful and so meaningful to me."
– Terry  Mills, West Vancouver

"Your picture [Seawall Sunset] is my favorite picture in my house."
– Irene Schneckenberger, Bonn, Germany

"Art is supposed to stir up some emotions, and that's what your art does for us.  We're emotionally charged now.  We drove six hours from Vernon to see you and we're delighted and impressed with your art.  It's pretty awesome!  It's so realistic it feels you can just walk into the scenes.  After reading your bio, what a priviledge is is to meet you, and to be able to decorate our home with some of your beautiful art."
– Ed and Judy Koshowski, Vernon, British Columbia

"I love your work.  I love your style."

–Brenda Campbell, Vancouver

Your art is exquisite, capturing the magic of the familiar with the use of light and colour.
– Janet Wall, North Vancouver


Your print mesmerized us.   We'll treasure it."
– Sandie Aguinaga, Cocoa, Florida

"We just wanted to let you know that we have received the print through the post today - and it looks fabulous!"
– Mark Kingston, Oxford, England, United Kingdom

"I have one of your prints in my living room and just love your work."
– Ange Davidson, Coquitlam, British Columbia

"Hi Tony.  Just to let you know that the print arrived yesterday, and we are absolutely delighted with it. " 
– Russell Hedley, Kent, England, United Kingdom

"Incredibly beautiful."

Jessica Fan, Director of Fund Raising for Engineers Without Borders, Vancouver

"I almost feel euphoric; it's such a privilege to visit your studio!  The way you capture light is amazing!"
Chris Carson, Vancouver

"Your art is stunning.  Beautiful.  Evocative.   I could cover every wall with it.   You painted so many locales that are familiar to me.   I was making a list of those scenes that I love, but I ran out of paper."
Helen Henderson, Vancouver

"Fantastic!  This [commissioned painting] is gorgeous! Tony, you did an amazing job."

– Jennifer Milliron, Canaccord Genuity Corporation, Vancouver

"I have been looking for a new piece of art for many months now, and haven't found anything that was 'just right.'  Although I would hardly say that I'm a collector, I know what I like, and I know when something speaks to me. 

I absolutely love your technique!  After your reading your biography online, I have even more admiration for your talent!  Your paintings are stunning!"
– Tamar Manseh, Toronto

"Iconically west coast."
Jonnet Garner, North Vancouver

"Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....These are beautiful works.  I asked myself, 'How could he get it so right?'  Each one is just so precious.  It's a magical thing you do.   I think your variety is exceptional.   Thanks for the pleasure of your art!"

Alice Federenko, West Vancouver

"I don't know where I first noticed your art, but it is so dramatic in its composition, value range and colour that it is hard to miss."
– Peter Kiidumae, fine artist, Vancouver

"Seeing your paintings gives me a feeling that the paintings have come to life, a feeling that I’m there – in the scene – and I can't help but fantasize about being in the scene."
Sheila Hamilton, Vancouver

Hi, Tony.

Now that I live in Quebec, I've been searching for a piece of art to hang on our living room wall that is somewhat reminiscent of where I was born and raised:  Bowen Island and West Vancouver. 

I've been looking for about three years.

Oh my goodness!  Am I ever glad I found you!!!!  Your stuff is incredible! 

I will likely purchase a print, but one day when I can afford it I absolutely will make it a goal to purchase an original.  I'm not well versed in the art world, but I imagine it would be an investment, because you are fantastic! 

I am emotionally attached to your pieces because they so capture my home, but also your use of light and the landscape. 

So:  thank you.  For what it's worth, you are the reason I've spent the better part of my afternoon fantasizing about moving back out west!!

– Katie Bibbs, Laval, Quebec

"A really cool, unique product.  Fantastic!"
– Cory Allan, Deep Cove, British Columbia

"I looked at your picture and I said, 'Oh, my God!'  I haven't seen anything quite like your art.  You get lost in the light.  I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like.   It's like a box of chocolates!"
– Jerry O'Hara, Vancouver

"Tony's work is second to none.  It's phenomenal.  He has a way of capturing the spirit of the west coast that's unique.  We've been looking for a picture like this ['Arbutus and Pacific'] for years.  When I look at it I can feel the heat of summer.  Now that we own a print of the image, I'll feel that warmth in the cold, rainy season.  It must be very challenging to create such outstanding art."
– Deb Gooding, Vancouver

"You've taken the best that Mother Nature creates and put it on canvas."
– David McCann, former owner of Creekhouse Gallery, Vancouver

"Tony Max is perhaps the best example of a modern celebrity who has suffered from cataracts....Despite this disability, Max went on to be one of Canada’s most legendary modern visual artists."

"This is our first art purchase.  We were waiting to see something we really loved before we started an art collection.  Your art is absolutely beautiful!  We're thrilled."
Robyn Faraone, West Vancouver

"I have been doing searches for a while on the Web for Vancouver artists I liked, and your work popped out at me immediately.  There's something magical about every one of your images.  They capture the west coast colours and the stillness that welcomes us here and makes us not want to leave." 
Gini Green, founder of Pilots and Paws Canada charity

"One day in London, Ontario, about 20 years ago, I sat in a restaurant for two or three hours with a friend, looking at your print on the wall in front of me all the time.  I said to my dinner companion, 'I'm going home with this picture'.  I bought it from the restaurant owner that day.

Recently I've been going through my art collection and felt the need to track you down through the Internet and call you now – 20 years later – to tell you how special this picture [Islands in the Lake] is. It's a passionate piece. It speaks to me. It's beautiful.  It's my favorite piece of art that I own.  It makes me cry.  It makes me smile.  You're a beautiful artist."
– Judy Harrington, London, Ontario

"The world needs more Tony Max art!  It's therapeutic.  It goes deeper than other art.
– Daniela Dornicak, Vencouver

"Your picture gave me goosebumps."

– Prem Pillay, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

"I lived in Vancouver for 20 years and moved to the east coast. Then I saw this particular piece ['By the Big Rocks'] on your Web site and I cried 'cause I can see myself there. 

I really, really appreciate your art.  I love it.  Your art is just so amazing.  Anyone that sees it cannot help but want a piece of your work.

You are able to capture not just the ‘view’, but also the feelings and emotions one gets when looking at that view.  And – for me at least – it is very grounding.  It enables me to be there in spirit, and doesn’t matter anymore that I can’t be there physically.

Well...its here!! And I love it!!  When I opened up the package, it "[By the Big Rocks print"] took me right back to that place [Kitsilano Beach] emotionally.

I could see myself there and still got that feeling one gets when soaking in that amazing view of the ocean, mountains and city.

It strengthens my memories of being there. Thanks  for that!!  Definitely will help settle my heart/home sickness!!

Also thanks for personalizing it for me with your comments; I cried when I read your simple words!!

"I felt honoured to get the number one [print in the edition]!!! And of course to have it match up with the personalized certificate, made it even more special and valuable!!  Thanks!

I got the print framed and up on the wall.  Looks fantastic and gives me the feeing I knew it would!!

I’ve already started saving up for my next Tony Max print!! I can’t wait for the day when I send you the email to order it!!!"
– Karen Lewis, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

"I love your work!"
– Brittany O'Donnell, Artistically Connected Inc.

"Your art has been in Saudi Arabia for three and-a-half years already.   The print I referred to was 'Ambleside Driftwood' – a gift from my parents.  I've wanted more ever since my parents gave us the print.  

The colours of Saudi Arabia are beige and grey, and we're just coming out of a three-day sandstorm, where everything turns from beige and grey to dirty beige and grey.  

It's tough for someone who grew up in Vancouver, and went to the beach, Vanier Park, and Stanley Park regularly.  

So I'm hoping to bring that into my little house here through your art.   So I have to thank you very much.  I can't wait to get the prints we ordered."
F. de Visser, Saudi Arabia

"Your picture is absolutely the best picture I've ever seen!  It radiates energy!"
– Annatara Townsend, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

"I'm just delighted with the art installation in the lobby.  Your pictures are beauiful and I've had one hundred percent positive feedback."
– Todd Brekko, Clinical Manager, Broadway Medical Building, 943 West Broadway, Vancouver, and Chairman of Strata VIII Property Management, Vancouver

"I've been admiring your art for a while.  Your paintings are beautiful!  I like them all.   A lot of people are buying cityscapes these days, but because they all look the same, it's not very interesting.   Your work is different.   Also, it's nice to deal with you – the artist – directly."
– Melanie and James Sidney, Vancouver

"The art scene here is abundant and sticking out from everyone is not the easiest of tasks.  Whenever I looked for something to hang on my wall I kept seeing Tony’s work everywhere online.  What I really liked about his art was his choice of locations throughout our beautiful province."
– Ryan Clark, Luxury B.C. (

"This is a unique gallery with some very beautiful works of art.  A very pleasant experience – unlike the high pressure galleries.  For the person looking at this type of art, you will not be disappointed. Business was conducted in a pleasant, cordial atmosphere.  We will be back.
– Jim Bennett, Delta, British Columbia

"I love it!"  I can't wait to get it hanging!"
– Winnie O'Regan, Colleyville, Texas

"I like all of your pictures.  They're very unique.  They're the best keepsakes one could have of Vancouver."
– Tony and Amy Chang, Vancouver

"Dear Tony,

We received the package.  We are thrilled with your work.  Thank you so much!

Jane and Chris Naus, London, Ontario

I love your paintings.  it's like you are right there in the scene.  Beautiful!  And the pictures bring back good memories of growing up in Vancouver and all the summers at Stanley Park.
Karen Carney, North Vancouver

"I've looked at various artists' art of Stanley Park, but yours is the nicest I've seen."
– Jeff Davis, Director and Portfolio Manager, Odlum Brown Investment Management, Vancouver

"It looks better live than on the Web site."
– Linda Hopkins, Burnaby, British Columbia

"Wonderful work.  Breathtaking."
– Maryann Beattie, Chilliwack, British Columbia

"I'm so drawn to your work.  Your lighting is amazing.  When I see your pictures they make me smile.  Not only are they joyful, but they're immediately recognizable as your art.  Vancouver's beauty is so well preserved in your art."
– Gloria Lorenz, owner of Crystal Communications, North Vancouver, British Columbia

" Hi Tony – so lovely to meet you yesterday. 

As mentioned, I could have stayed at your studio all day, getting lost in your beautiful art!

The artwork we bought is now hanging proudly in our master bedroom, and it’s the first thing that catches the eye when I walk in.

I feel joy, peace and calmness when I look at it.  It also brings back memories for us when my husband and I lived in Deep Cove many years ago!"
– Carolyn Langton, North Vancouver

What do soul musician Ray Charles, astronaut John Glenn, tenor Andrea Bocelli, Canadian visual artist Tony Max, guitarist Jose Feliciano, and over 60.5 million other people in the world have in common?   Glaucoma."

"Of all the art in the gallery [Blue Seas] yours stands out the most."
– Ted Ames, Houston, Texas